Canine  and  Equine



This series of photographs explores the deep spirituality of dogs and horses and the bonds we share.  I have loved dogs and horses all my life, from my first dog, Willie, a confidante who modeled strength and independence, to Plush, a rescue dog who today teaches me about trust and sensitivity.  

The intimacy of communication with another species through daily training creates a bonded partnership.  As I taught them, they taught me to "look in the mirror" if I had a training problem, and to clarify my communication.  I gave my heart to them as completely as they gave their hearts to me.  

Dogs and horses have made me a better person with their lesson of forgiveness, kindness and compassion.  In return, I advocate for them, all of them, even if they're strangers because the human voice is their only voice of protection.  

This series is in honor of my canine and equine friends who have given me so much.





Copyright  2017 - Lynda  SmithSchick  Photography