Poetry  Of  The  Land

. . . For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

                                                                      Wendell Berry




"They're ruining the land!" said my heartbroken Dad on seeing the now clear-cut woods he played in as a boy.  Love of the natural world and concern for its protection was a legacy from my parents, and made a bittersweet lasting impression on me.  

As an adult I was drawn to photograph the natural world, yet was haunted by troubling questions similar to the unasked questions when a loved one goes to war.  "Will you be safe?  Will you be maimed?  Are we saying good-bye for the last time?"  Fair questions to ask of the land, because these places were already encroached by toxic developments such as factory-farming pollution, oil production, mining or manufacturing.  Would the poetry of the land stand the test of time outside of my photographs?  

My goal is to continue conserving the land through photographs.





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