Fragility  of  Clouds

"Clouds are the sky's imagination"

Terri Guillemets, "Imagine the Sky, 2003

Fear took up residence like a squatter, in those fragile moments of contemplating obscured emotions.  This project came in hindsight with a desire to consider the diverse emotions that escort life's events -- fear, joy, loneliness, calm, anger, hope, sadness and anxiety.  I needed the lens of art to chronicle and share the range of emotion I'd experienced and managed in a transformative way.  

Now, on the other side of this examination, I understand the fragility of clouds -- amorphous and transient.  We peek behind clouds' seemingly substantial curtain, and nothing is there.  Yet clouds' layers create earth's expressions when they envelope sky or terra firma.






Copyright  2017 - Lynda  SmithSchick  Photography